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Carver's Critter Sitter Gallery
Here are some examples of animals I have experience with


​I'm Suzanne Carver and I'm here to offer my tender loving care for your critters when you're away from home!  Do you work long hours in Austin or San Antonio and need someone to come give your pal an outside break or medication?  

Are you traveling out of town and prefer to save your pet from the stress of a kennel visit and risk of exposure to illness?  I'm YOUR Critter Sitter!

​I have been living in the Driftwood, Nutty Brown, Dripping Springs area since 1991.  I currently own a menagerie of naughty donkeys, wooly sheep, happy chickens, loving cats, faithful dogs, and fat guinea pigs!  

​I graduated in 1984 from Sam Houston State University with a B.S. in Agriculture Education.  I've done everything from palpate cows to wrangle racoons.  I've rescued owls, a green back Heron, possums, and various shelter cats, and a homeless dog.  I have even owned a 6 foot Iguana.  I have experience with many and will work with any.

So if you are looking for a trustworthy loving companion to ​fill in for you while you are away please consider me for the job.

Suzanne Carver
The Incredible Bruiser B!
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